✿Spring is almost here in Tokyo (^▽^)/✿

Finally, it's time to say  bye bye for the heavy winter use coat.  Spring is almost here in Tokyo.

I'm longing for the spring, how about you?

~✿✿✿Cherry Blossom(SAKURA)✿✿✿~


Cherry Blossom reflects the arrival of spring.  In Tokyo, Cherry Blossom blooms between late March and April.

This year, according to the latest weather forecast(by Japan Weather Association), the first bloom in Tokyo is going to be on March 22.  The best viewing time is expected from March 30 to April 7.

Let me give you some of our recommended spots in Tokyo☺↓↓

Shinjuku Gyoen

In the park, about 65 kinds of 1,100 cherry trees are planted, and you can enjoy luxurious cherry-blossoms with rich variations. Because the cherry blossoms' blooming time and full blooming time are different depending on the type, it is also attractive that you can have a long cherry-blossom viewing from late March to late April.


Approximately 3 minutes on foot from Kudanshita station, about 700 meters along the moat on the western side of the Imperial Palace, Chidorigafuchi is one of the most famous cherry blossoms in Tokyo. Approximately 260 cherry trees, mainly of Yoshino cherry Tree, spread large branches towards the waterside and are prosperously prosperous. That sight is a masterpiece! From the promenade, from the top of the bridge, it is also attractive to have various ways of enjoying from the water by rowing a boat.


Sumida Park

It is regarded as a cherry blossom view since the Edo period, and about 640 cherry blossoms are blooming in the spring is a highlight spot. It is lighted up at night, you can also see from the houseboat(Yakatabune), so you can settle down cherry blossoms. Because "Sakura Special Lighting" will be held at the nearby Tokyo Sky Tree, if the times overlap, it is a spot where you can enjoy both cherry blossoms and illuminations.


In Tokyo City i, we do have this great place's brochure.  So why don't you visit us(our tourist information center) first and get free brochures and information.  We prepare not only Chidorigafuchi's information but also the list of best Cherry Blossom spots in Tokyo!!

Have a lovely and wonderful spring with your dear ones!!☺