The performance is about to start!! -MANGEKYO-

Revolutionary New Drumming Entertainment in Tokyo -MANGEKYO-』


Performance by non-verbal entertainment Japanese drum group, DRUM TAO who is active in the world, will start the entertainment in Tokyo from September 16.

It is the performance as if you were in of '-MANGEKYO-', in the directing light like being in a kaleidoscope,


It is the entertainment that you can enjoy the traditional Japanese drum performance by avant-garde director.


The staff of Tokyo City i was actually appreciated and was acclaimed that the performance was very powerful and very wonderful!!


Because you can enjoy even if you do not understand Japanese, why don’t you join it when coming to Tokyo!?


Tokyo City i also sells the tickets and have brochures available.

So Please drop in♪


Schedule: September 16 (Sat) - October 29 (Sun), 2017

Stage Appearance: DRUM TAO (Drum Tao)

Assembly Hall: Shinagawa Prince Hotel "Club eX"

Official site: