The Summer has come!

As sky gets clearer and, sun is blazing down on us,
we can't stop but planning on fun project for our vacation.

Do you need an inspiration for summer fun?
How about going fireworks festival and feel the heat of excitement of summer in Japan?

There will be one of the most historical and the biggest firework festival on July 29th at Sumida river.
Fireworks for Japanese people is one of the most essential symbols of summer,
and it always gives us somewhat nostalgic feeling.
There is no doubt that you will have a memorable life time experience
if you see the beautiful, spectacle and gorgeous fireworks!

The information about Sumida River Fireworks Festival is below.

〇40th Sumida River Fireworks Festival〇
Time:2017.July. 29th 7:05pm~8:30pm
Number of Fireworks:22000
Number of visitor (expected):950,000
Location: Along Sumida Riverside
(The most accessible station is Asakusa Sta. on Toei Asakusa Line and Tokyo Metro Ginza Line)

Do you need one more idea to enjoy summer even better?
Why don't you try Japanese-style of BBQ with a cold glass of highball?
After the festival, maybe?





There are so many places that you can enjoy BBQ restaurant around Sumida and Asakusa area.
It would be so nice to enjoy good BBQ and wonderful event at the same time!

Honestly, I ofcourse love fireworks but,
I may not be able to survive this crazy hot summer without this.





I hope you all have a great summer in Tokyo!