Summer festivals in Japan

Countless festivals are held throughout Japan in summer because almost every shrine celebrates one of its own.
The high light of summer festivals are Mikoshi and Bon Odori.
Mikoshi(portable shrine) is a carriage for Gods. People bring the mikoshi from shrine and carry it through the town for worship Gods.
You will see a lot of people wearing Yukata and dancing in a circle around wooden tower that is decorated with lanterns (Bon Odori).
There are booths that sell goldfish, toys, snacks and drinks that children and parents can enjoy!!
Below follows a list of some of Tokyo's summer festivals.

Sumidagawa Odori Noryo Taikai
Date: 8/20~8/21/2016
Time: 17:00~21:00
Where: Sumida-ku ward office Uruoi Plaza
Nearby stations: Honjo Azumabashi/Asakusa

Sumida Kinshicho Dai Bon Odori
Date: 8/24~8/25/2016
Time: 17:30~21:30
Where: Tatekawa Shinsui Park
Nearby stations: Kikukawa/Kinshicho/Sumiyoshi

Hibiya Park Marunouchi Ondo Dai Bon Odori
Date: 8/26~8/27/2016
Time: 18:00~21:00
Where: Hibiya Park
Nearby stations: Hibiya/Kasumigaseki

Tokyo Koenji Awa Odori
Date: 8/27~8/28/2016
Time: 17:00~20:00
Where: Konan Avenue near Koenji station
Nearby stations: Koenji/Shin Koenji

We will be happy to provide festival information at Tokyo City i.
Let's enjoy Japanese summer tradition!!