Kumamoto Castle Charity T-shirt for the Kumamoto Earthquakes

First, to those who have been affected by the Kumamoto Earthquakes, I would like to sincerely sympathy.

Our tourist information center had a chance to know the company which makes the Kumamoto Castle Charity T-shirt for the Kumamoto Earthquakes.


TheP1020799 company is called, small design.  Mr Kikutake from small design says,

I(born in Fukuoka)was so shocked to watch the news on TV of Earthquake Damaged Kumamoto Castle,

which I've been so many times.

GAMADASE! means Cheer up! in Kumamoto dialect.

Believing some day the Kumamoto Castle will be rebuilted, I designed the charity T-shirt, ‘Gamadase! KUMAMOTO’.  

We would appreciate for your support.

■PRICE  3132yen(with tax)※cash only

■SIZE  160cm,S,M,L and XL

■COLOR  white and heather gray

1000yen will be used to help with the reconstruction of Kumamoto Castle which was damaged by the earthquakes.