Tokyo City i×SDGs


Do you know the secret of Tokyo City i’s floor?

Guests using wheelchairs and strollers have easy access at Tokyo city i.

Two of our reception desks are friendly designed for the guest who use wheelchairs.


We adopt the color universal design and letter system in our display.

Universal design is the design and composition of an environment

so that it can be easily accessed and understood by all people.

There are tools that we can communicate in writing, magnifying glass and convex glasses for elderly persons.

Barrier-free tourism brochures are placed within the reach.


Our concierges make efforts in order to get better communication skills for handicapped guests.

We receive various trainings which contents are the support for visually, hearing, and mobility impaired person.

Some of our staffs continuously learn sign language.


We warmly welcome all ages, genders and nationalities, and make every effort to help people with any kind of disability.

Our name of theme is “Tokyo Cityi x SDGs”.

We will regularly show you how we deal with SDGs.

SDGs activities at Tokyo city i and nearby facilities will be introduced.


You can see our SDGs practices from our official website.


We will show you how Japanese luxury hotel takes sustainable actions next time.