From the "heart" of Japan, the 5 cities of Tokai will send you LOVE.

It's almost St. Valentines's Day! Here are some sweet events for you to enjoy the day!



- Let's write a love letter to someone you love.
- We want you to be here! Ms. "AI !"
- Try the sweetest Gifu strawberries!
- Live dance performance of "EEJANAIKA TOYOHASHI DENPATAI DOEE" and famous "Black Thunder chocolate" present!
- Tokai LOVE "WANAGE"(ring toss game)
- Meet the mascot character!

[Date and time]
11 February 2015 11:11~17:17

Tokyo City i -Performance zone-

Tokyo offices of Nagoya city, Toyohashi city, Gifu city, Yokkaichi city, Tsu city

チラシ表  チラシ裏  東海ロゴ