Event Schedule for February 2020


◆ Event Schedule for February ◆

You can always meet something new at Tokyo City i, such as for an idea of travelling, sightseeing, and finding local specialties!

Please stop by at the Event space of Tokyo City i whenever you visit Tokyo station and KITTE!

*Name and schedule of the event is subject to change without notice.

February 1 (Sat)
Conference Open Day in KITTE
Lawyers will answer your concerns in a daily life such as inheritance measures and so on.
There will be a quiz, quoits, lottery at the event. Come and join us!

February 3 (Mon) – 5 (Wed)
Umasa Ichiban Toyama Seafood Campaign in Tokyo Station
It’s the fifth anniversary of Hokuriku Shinkansen! There are a lot of attractions of Toyama prefecture.
We will hold an event that you can enjoy delicious Toyama’s local fishes and sake to commemorate the fifth anniversary of the opening of Hokuriku Shinkansen. Please stop by!

February 6 (Thu) – 7 (Fri)
Activities in Tottori Public Relations Event
You can experience an activity in Tottori Sand Dunes and we will sell local specialties such as sweet stuff and sake etc.
We will also have a seminar about San'in Kaigan Global Geopark and Daisen.
If you’d answer the questionnaire you can participate in a lottery that you have a chance to win their specialties. Please come and join the event!