Event Schedule for January 2020

◆ Event Schedule for January◆

You can always meet something new at Tokyo City i, such as for an idea of travelling, sightseeing, and finding local specialties!

Please stop by at the Event space of Tokyo City i whenever you visit Tokyo station and KITTE!

*Name and schedule of the event is subject to change without notice.


December 28(Sat) - January 7(Tue)

Chiyoda-City Photo Gallery 

Exhibition of selected photos from Chiyoda city photo contest.

January 9(Thu) - 9(Fri)

Handmade Market in Marunouchi

At this event, you will find  fashion accessories, household goods and sweets which made at facility for disabled.

January 11(Sat) - 12(Sun)

Promotional Event of Suzuka city

Suzuka is located in Mie prefecture and it is well known as town of motor sport.
We will sell some delicious local products and you can also participate in Japanese craft workshop.

January 14(Tue)

Promotional Event of Ito city

You will find local specialties of Ito city and there will be meet-and-greet with mascot characters.

January 15(Wed) - 16(Thu)

Specialty goods exhibit from Ibi district, Gifu

We will sell Ibi district's local specialties such as strawberry, persimmon, rice and more.

January 17(Fri) - 18(Sat)

Promotional Event of Yamaguchi and Tsuwano

There will be  a local products exhibit from Yamaguchi city in Yamaguchi prefecture and Tsuwano city in Shimane prefecture.
You can also join the leather craft workshop at this event.

January 19(Sun) - 20(Mon)

Japanese green tea event

Semboku city (Akita), Oshu city (Iwate), Kakegawa city (Shizuoka) and Tajimi city (Gifu) are famous for Green tea.
You will find loal speialties from those cities and some beautiful tea wares.

January 23(Thu) - 24(Fri) 

Specialty goods exhibit from Kagoshima

You can enjoy delicious  foods from Kagoshima!  We will sell some popular local specialties, traditional local sweets and famous shochu.

January 25(Sat) - 26(Sun) 

Promotional Event of Hakusan city

There will be a specialty goods exhibit from Hakusan city in Ishikawa prefecture. A workshop is also scheduled.

January 27(Mon) 

Promotional Event of Shiraoi town

Shiraoi town is located in Hokkaido and the town works on multiculturalism.  Some of their local products and traditional handicrafts will be available for purchase and you can try Ainu traditional wear at this event.

January 29(Wed) 

Promotional Event of Kisarazu city

Kisarazu city is located in Chiba prefecture. The city has lots of nature with oceans and mountains all around.
You will find local specialties of Kisarazu at this event.

January 30(Thu) - 31(Fri)

Promotional Event of Fukui