Event Schedule


■ Event Schedule for January ■

You can always see something new at Tokyo City i, such as for an idea of travelling, sightseeing, and finding local specialties! Please stop by at the Event space of Tokyo City i whenever you visit Tokyo station and KITTE!

*Name and schedule of the event is subject to change without notice.


"Chiyoda-City Photo Gallery / Cosplays Photo Gallery"

Selected photos out of many submissions for Chiyoda -City Photo Gallery, and fascinating cosplay photos will be displayed.


"KITTE GRANCHE Rakugo Kai (Japanese Verbal entertainment)"

The audience who watches the whole show will get a small gift.
Priority seats will be available for customers with a receipt which you spent 500 yen or more at KITTE GRANCHE on the same day. Numbers of priority seats are limited.


"Petit Festa Sakai city 2019

~Ancient Tomb, Tea Ceremony and Japanese traditional sweets~"

You can feel Japanese tea culture of Sakai city where SEN NO RIKYU, a master of tea ceremony was born. There will be Sakai's local products as well. Please enjoy attractions of Sakai city at this event!


"Local food and products fair of Ibi District, Gifu Prefecture. Why don't you come over and see them?"

This is an event that introduces Ibi district, Gifu prefecture. Ibi district is well known for the beautiful scenery with cherry blossoms and roses. They also have delicious Japanese persimmons and strawberries. There will be some special activities such as photo shooting with local characters and lottery if you purchase their local products at the event.


"Hokkaido Farm Stay and Restoration Support Event" ~Let's support Farm Stay in Hokkaido~"

At this event, they will have displays, brochures of Hokkaido and their local food and products as well. Moreover, they give a presentation of promoting Hokkaido farm stay.


"Early Spring Tourism Campaign of Ibaraki Prefecture"

Ibakaraki's specialty products including their local sake will be on sale at this event.

 An impressive angler cutting performances is must-see. Please come to check and enjoy many attractions of Ibaraki prefecture.


“Ishikawa & Fukui Prefecture, Kagaechizen Area Tourism Fair”

They will promote Kagaechizen area. You can purchase Kagaechizen's local food and products at this event. They will have a lottery and you have a chance to win a crab or a hot spring hotel voucher and so on. There will be a stage for a promotion of the area and a quiz competition. They have a lot of fun events going on!


"Made in Nara Top Recommendation Marché in Tokyo"

There will be 12 companies* at this event and on sale fascinating Nara products.

It is said that Japanese sake has their origin in Nara. You can find your favorite Sake made in Nara.

*Will be Scheduled


"Kagoshima's Must-Try Delicious Food Fair"

From all over Kagoshima area, popular local and new products, traditional Kagoshima sweets and a famous Japanese distilled spirit "Shochu" will be gathering at this event. Official Kagoshima cute characters will come up as well.


“The Real Life in Koshigaya City”

They will introduce the real life in Koshigaya city. Through the display and distribute the novel of “The real life in Koshigaya city” which was written by 14 citizens, they will express attractions of Koshigaya city. Koshigaya city is located in Southeast part of Saitama prefecture, within 25km distance from Tokyo. You can find happiness of their place.


"Tea Culture Project Senboku, Oushu, Kakegawa and Tajimi Cities"

Tea culture project "Ms. Fumi Kimura selection" tea set will be displayed and sold at this event.

It's a good opportunity to have a lecture of how to pour a delicious Japanese tea and tasting for a special Japanese tea, also promotion of their city and brochures as well.