Tokyo City i Anniversary Event

On March 20th, We are going to have 4th anniversary Event!

This is special event by Tokyo City i , tourist information center providing information of Tokyo and other places.

You can enjoy shopping of local specialities and experiencing Japanse culture with so much fun!


①There will be the show of calligraphy arts by famous calligrapher "Ougetsu".

②There will be sales of Local specialty products from many other prefectures, too.

③We are taking you a special tour of Tokyo station☆
You can learn the history and the mistery of Tokyo station.
[Fee] 1,000yen
[Contact for reservation] eigyo@tokyocity-i.jp

④Cultural Experience of JAPAN
-Experience of Edo culture (13:00~14:00)
-Kimono Dressing
-Experience Origami


11:00 Opening / Let's Meet Cute characters!

12:00 Quizes of Sightseeing in Tokyo (You can get a prize!)

14:00 Tourism Promotion Time

15:00 Let's meet Cute characters again!

16:00 Performing the art of Calligraphy
/ Taking a tour of Tokyo Station!

16:45 Impersonation Show!

17:00 Let's Meet Cute characters more!

This schedule is a subject to be changed.


↓↓↓You can meet these cute characters at the event! ↓↓↓
 広島県(けんみん文化祭ひろしまマスコットキャラクター ブンカッキー) 着ぐるみチーバくん 広島県(けんみん文化祭ひろしまマスコットキャラクター ブンカッキー) キャプチャキャプチャ深谷市画像

≪Limited Offer from Tokyo City-i Cafe!≫


Only on this day, cake set will be 50 yen off at Tokyo City-i Cafe!
Please show a coupon that is on the brochure of「Tokyo city-i Spring festival」at the counter.


~About the Event~ 



Place:KITTE Tokyo-City-i (B1F) 1 mins from Marunouchi South Exit.

By:Tokyo City-i