Road to “COUNTDOWN NEWYEAR 2016 in Tokyo City i”(Staff’s Tweet)

The time passes so quickly and only two weeks left for this year!!!!!

We are going to update the information and preparation status about COUNTDOWN NEWYEAR 2016 in Tokyo City i.

We might tweet the backside this or like that...!?   Please stay tuned!(^^)!




Thank you very much for visiting our countdown event last night☺!!!!!

In Tokyo City i, We hold various events that transmit attractive information of Japan,
and also we provide ticketing service and tourist information as a tourist information center
by Japanese, English,Chinese and Korean speaker.

tci_mother's_koukokuyou 20140701

We have many brochures of tourist site and entertainment.
Please feel free to visit us, when you come near here.

Best wishes for a successful and rewarding the year 2016.



Finally, today is the day  from 10pm!!

“COUNTDOWN NEW YEAR 2016 in Tokyo City i”  

Friends who are joining, please take care when you come here♪

Friends who are wondering what to do for countdown new year 2016, don't miss this chance that you can not only being satisfied with Japanese culture and public entertainments but also have a chance to spend with friends of various nationality.


We are getting ready right now!!

We look forward to welcoming everyone☆☆☆



DATE:Dec 31, 2015-Jan 1, 2016


PLACE:Tokyo City i, performance zone(JP Tower, KITTE B1F)

ACCESS:1 minute walk from Marunouchi south gate, Tokyo station.


HOST:JTB Communications. INC

CONTACT:03-3217-2054 (Tokyo City i)

※Please note that admission will be restricted, in case the venue is crowded.

We are looking forward to your visit!!


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OMG☆☆☆, only 2DAYS away for the event!!

The final introduce for the stage events is・・・ASHURA-The Iga Ninja Group


The Iga Ninja Group who are based in Iga, Mie prefecture have begun in the Kamakura period.

ASHURA is a high leveled Ninja Group which have inherited it’s tradition.

Speed, technique, and dynamic performance: mental, physical, and technical prowess – all this has earnd the ninjas praise from around the world and makes for a truly unique Iga esperience.

Even for Japanese, it's a precious chance to see the professional Ninja performance, it's like once in a life time!

Iga, the birthplace of Iga-ryu ninjutsu, prides itself on its ninja heritage.


Shodo-performance, Japanese drum live broadcasting, Street performance, and Ninja show!!!!

We are excited from now☺


Also in this countdown event, you can buy drinks and food in Tokyo City I café which is right next to the event's area.(TAKE OUT only)

Alcohol(such as beer and wine), beverage (such as juice, tea, and coffe), and food(such as fish and chips)are all here.

※Drinks and food are all limited quantity.  Also please note that there is a possibility of the menu change on the day.

Please look forward to it!!!!!


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Today we would like to introduce you one of the stage events by  a street performer, BONBANGOO!!



Born in Tokyo on April 21, 1988.

Grew up with varieties of arts around him, he appeared as a voice acter in Japanese and foreign films and cartoon movies.

Few years later, he stepped into the world of juggling and  won a gold medal at World Juggling Competition 2005 junior division with his unique performances.

After graduating from high school and at the same time, he became a member of MUSCLE MUSICAL, and appeared on many stages from Hokkaido to Okinawa.

He is now a solo performer, performing all over Japan!!

What would he do at the event??  Don't miss it!!

To Be Continued…


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Finally, only a week left for this year!!!!!OMG★★★

Today let me introduce you one of the stage events, Wadaiko Trio“HA-YA-TO”!!




Japanese drum unit of three brothers, HA-YA-TO have formed in 2001.  They've been performing in the world.

To think much of “Japanese style”, they have learned Japanese Dancing, Kabuki musical accompaniment, and so on.

Brothers shine by index of new Japanese drum, Uchi, Hayashi,(Japanese phrases)and Dance.


They create the new “world of Japanese style” by the flexible sensitivity, and challenge to spread among more people about the traditional style.★


There might be a chance to collaborate with Shodo-performer, YABE CHOSHO from EPISODE 1!?


Please look forward to it!!!!!


To Be Continued…



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Today, we'd like to introduce you about the contents of Japanese cultural experiences that you can try at this event.

Kimono experience & Photo shoot  Presented by  Wabikae


★ Traditional Japanese muntin joiner by  Sashikan Tategu Kogei



★Japanese calligraphy, Origami and...Omikuji which is a popular lottery that tells you your fortune for the year. 

So, we are making super big Omikuji for the event :)

IMG_0058 (1)
Ms.M puts her head into the Omikuji box!!! What happened to her ??
Not only watching, but also you can enjoy experiencing Japanese culture at the countdown event!
We are looking forward to seeing you on the new year's Eve ♪

To Be Continued…
Please note that numbered tickets will be issued on the first-come-first-served basis for some culture experience.



Highlight of the event is the luxurious stage events than anything!!

Today let me introduce you briefly about one of the events that is Shodo-performance.

Wow!!  YABE CHOSHOShodo-performer who has succeeded in both domestic and overseas will appear!!

You might concern about  what word she will write, though no one knows it!!  We are excited!!

yabe写真 (1)


By the way, the event leaflets have arrived in Tokyo City i's office!!!!!

We have passed out the leaflets right away☆☆☆

My back got strained...when I lifted at a stroke(>_<)



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