The early summer features in Tokyo

While you visit some sightseeing spots,you may bump into"Matsuri",local festivals here and there in Tokyo now.
In Japan a lot of local festivals are held from May through October.

Kanda Matsuri which ranked among the three largest festivals of Japan is held from May 7 through May 15 in this year.
It belongs to Kanda Myojin Shrine near Akihabara/Ochanomizu station.
The main attractions were the procession of 300 people through central Tokyo on May 9 and the parades of 100 portable shrines(Mikoshi) with musical accompaniments gathering from neighborhoods on May 10.


Here are some other festivals held in May and June.
Why don't you go see these to feel the energy of Japanese people?
You can also enjoy local foods at stalls on the street around the venue.

●Sanja Matsuri    May 15 - May 17.
Asakusa Jinja Shrine

●Shibuya Kagoshima Ohara Matsuri   May 16 - May 17.
Shibuya area

●Tokyo Minato Matsuri    May 23-May 24
Harumi Pier Passenger Terminal

●Hanazono Jinja Shrine Annual Grand Festival  May 23-May 25
Hanazono Jinja Shrine in Shinjuku

●Yushima Tenmangu (Yushima Tenjin)Shrine Annual Grand Festival     May 23-May 25
Yushima Tenmangu Shirine in Bunkyo-ward

●Shinagawa Jinja Shrine Annual Grand Festival     June 5-June 7
Shinagawa Jinja Shrine in Shinbanba station

●Torigoe Matsuri     June 6-June 7
Torigoe Jinja Shirine in Kuramae / Asakusabashi

●Sanno Matsuri     June 7-June 17
Hie Shrine in Akasaka

●Gujo Odori in Aoyama     June 26-June 27
Chichibunomiya Rugby Stadium


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