This season in Tokyo is a time for festivals!

In Tokyo,a lot of local festivals will be held in May.
You can find delicious food at festival stalls and get a chance to see Omikoshi (a portable shrine).
We’d like you to participate in these events that will allow you to experience the traditions of Japan.

Here are some recommendations of local festivals in Tokyo.


■Kanda Matsuri
Kanda Matsuri is one of the three largest festivals in Edo (ancient Tokyo).
100 portable shrines being carried by 300 peoples gather for this festival and parade
around the streets in Tokyo.
When: 5/11(Thu) 〜 5/17(Wed)
Place: Kanda Myojin
Station: Ochanomizu,Shin-ochanomizu

■Sanja Matsuri
The Sanja Matsuri is an annual festival in the Asakusa district.
Nearly two million people visit Asakusa for three days of this festival period, making it one of Tokyo's most popular festivals.
When: 5/19(Fri) - 5/21(Sun)
Place: Sensoji Temple
Station: Asakusa

■Shibuya Kagoshima Ohara Matsuri (Kagoshima: a prefecture in Kyushu, southern Japan)
Kagoshima's biggest festival takes place in Shibuya with parades, folk songs and dance
When: 5/21(Sun)
Place: Dogenzaka,Bunkamura Street
Station: Shibuya

We have also some international food festivals in Tokyo!

■Thai Festival2017
When: 5/13(Sat)〜5/14(Sun)
Place: Yoyogi Park
Station: Harajuku,Yoyogi Koen,MeijiJingu mae

■Italia, amore mio!
When: 5/20(Sat)〜5/21(Sun)
Place: Roppongi Hills
Station: Roppongi

■Laos Festival
When: 5/27(Sat)〜5/28(Sun)
Place: Yoyogi Park
Station: Harajuku,Yoyogi Koen,Meiji Jingu mae

Why don't you go out and enjoy the festivals?
If you need any further information, please feel free to ask a counter staff in Tokyo city i!!