❀Enjoy Spring Flowers❀

Spring has come!!

The long awaited cherry blossom season is coming to an end,
but there are still many flowers to see in Tokyo and around Tokyo !!

Azalea, moss phlox, nemophila, Japanese wisteria…
Here are some famous and recommended places for flower viewing that you can visit from Tokyo.


Nezu Shrine
- when: Apr.8(Sat)-May 5 (Fri)(9:00~17:30)
- fee: 200 yen
- access: 5min walk from either Nezu, Sendagi, or Todaimae station.
East Garden of the Imperial Palace
- when:-April-May
-access:15min walk from Tokyo station.







Moss phlox

Fuji Shiba-sakura Festival
- when: Apr.15(Sat)-May 28(Sun) (8:00~17:00)
- fee: 600 yen
- access: bus from Tokyo station to Kawaguchiko station (2hours), change to another bus to the venue (30min)
Hitsujiyama Park
- when: Apr.14(Fri)-May 7(Sun)
- fee: 300 yen
- access: 20min walk from Seibu Chichibu Station, Yokoze Station or Chichibu Railway Chichibu Station (About 2 hours trip from Tokyo)







Hitachi Seaside Park
- when: middle April to end of April
- fee: 410 yen
- access: bus from Tokyo station (Yaesu south exit) to Kaihin Koen Iriguchi (entrance) (2hours)








Japanese wisteria

Kameido Tenjin Shrine
- when: Late April- Early May
- fee:free
- access: 15 min walk from Kameido Station
Ashikaga Flower Park
- when: Apr.15~May 21 (7:00~18:00)
- fee: 900 yen~1700 yen (depends on the flower situation)
- access: 13min walk from JR Tomita station ( About 2hours trip from Tokyo)









Enjoy beautiful season in Japan☺