TOKYO Bird’s-eye view and Karakuri file are on sale!

We've started selling TOKYO Bird's-eye view and five kinds of KARAKURI files!!

TOKYO bird's-eye view(which had many inquiries!!) (¥756)

It is a picture map of Tokyo hand-painted mainly on Sky Tree.
Why don't you decorate it at home, shop front or office!?



There are 5 types of KARAKURI files (¥ 280) that you can enjoy two kinds of landscape before and after putting contents.

file3 ➡  file4 

       I put white paper inside.                    Pull out the paper inside・・・

The Tokyo Tower shining in the blue sky is beautiful!!


Fireworks appeared in the night sky !!

It is a mysterious clear file that you can enjoy twice with one piece☺

file2  file1

Because the picture of the famous sightseeing spots in Tokyo are drawn,(such as Tokyo Tower, Imperial Palace, Marunouchi station building of Tokyo station…)

How is it in memories of Tokyo tourism?

We are putting out a sample at the counter and you can actually touch it, so please have a look at the counter of tourist information center☆