Happy New Year from Tokyo City i !!

Happy New Year!!

How did you spend this  New Year holiday?
In Japan,  visiting shrines or temples  is one of  Japanese new year traditions.
First time to visit shrines or temples of the new year is called "Hatsu Moude".
We thank for our health and happy days that we spent last year, and wish the same or the better for the coming year.

Usually  massive number of people participate in "Hatsu Moude" first 3days of January.
However it is not too late to  participate in that traditional event therefore I will introduce some of famous
shrines and temples in Tokyo  and explain the process of worship.

Shrines and temples in Tokyo

Meiji Jingu Shrine
JR  Harajuku Station/Tokyo Metro Meiji jingu mae Station

・Kanda Myojin Shrine
5min walk from JR・Tokyo Metro Ochanomizu Station

・Senso-ji Temple
5min walk from Tokyo Metro Asakusa Station

・Zojoji Temple
3min walk from Toei Mita line Onarimon Station or Shiba Koen Station

How to worship at shrines and temples

・You will find a large water basin, made of stone. It is called Chouzuya.
You will cleanse youeselves here for purify your mind and body before worshipping.
Scoop some water with Hishaku(ladles or dippers) , wash your left hand and then right hand.
switch the Hishaku back to the right hand, pour water into your left hand and use it to rinse your mouth.
Rinse your left hand for one last time.

・Put some money in the Saisen-bako(offertory box) in front of shrine. 5yen coin is said to be lucky coin.

・Take hold of the string  hanging down from the ceiling and shake it to ring the bell.

・Bow at 90 degrees twice and then clap your hands in front of your chest twice.
Close your eyes and convey the feeling of gratitude to the God and then make a wish.
Bow at 90 degees once more.

*In a temple, you  should not clap your hands but simply join your palms together, lower your head and pray.

Why don't you visit shrines or temple to participate in "Hatsu Moude"
I wish this year will be the happiest and best for you!!