Autumn = good food = eat a lot = FOOD FAIRS!

The sunshine-full summer has already come to an end, and the next season is here.
It is autumn!

In autumn, the climate becomes mild, the sky gets higher, and the moon shines clearer.
But overall, it is the season of harvest.
There are lots of fresh vegetables, fruits, rice, fish etc. out in the markets, and so what happens is...our appetite increases!
There are several good places to stop by for food and drinks during this time to satisfy your appetite.
Here are some recommendations of international food festivals going on in the city.

All of these are outdoor events, so why don't you go out for good food and drinks under the blue sky in one of the best seasons!

◆Hibiya Oktoberfest 2016

When: 9/9(Fri)~9/19(Mon)
Time: 16:00~22:00(weekdays) / 11:00~22:00(weekends/holidays)
Place: Hibiya Park, by the big water fountain
Station: Hibiya, Kasumigaseki

◆Fiesta Mexicana
When: 9/17(Sat)~9/19(Mon)
Time: 11:00~19:00
Place: Odaiba West Promenade
Station: Daiba, Tokyo Teleport

◆Extra HOT and Delicious 2016
When: 9/13(Tue)~9/19(Mon) (the third round)
Time: 11:00~21:00
Place: Shinjuku Kabukicho Okubo Park
Station: Shinjuku, Shin Okubo

◆Namaste India 2016
When: 9/24(Sat)~9/25(Sun)
Time: 10:00~20:00 (ends at 19:30 on 9/25)
Place: Yoyogi Park
Station: Harajuku, Meiji Jingu-mae

◆Garlic Love & Ecstasy 2016
When: 9/21(Wed)~9/25(Sun) (the first round) / 9/27(Tue)~10/2(Sun) (the second round)
Time: 11:00~21:00
Place: Shinjuku Kabukicho Okubo Park
Station: Shinjuku, Shin Okubo

◆Taste of Tokyo 2016
When: 10/7(Fri)~10/9(Sun)
Time: (10/7) 11:00~21:00 / (10/8,9) 11:00~17:00
Place: Marunouchi Nakadori street, Gyoko dori street, Tokyo International Forum, Hibiya park
Station: Tokyo, Yurakucho, Hibiya

◆Kanda Curry Grand Prix
When: 11/5(Sat)~11/6(Sun)
Time: (11/5) 11:00~19:00 / (11/6) 11:00~17:00
Place: Ogawa Plaza (3-6 Ogawacho Kanda Chiyoda-ku)
Station: Ochanomizu