Let’s Go on a Tour of Mt. Fuji!

July 1st, the Mt. Fuji climbing season has begun at last! Our information center always likes to say that this year could be the year that you finally take on the challenge!

This year, the period for climbing Mt. Fuji is from July 1st until September 10th (however,the Habashiri, Gotenba, and Fujinomiya routes will not be open until July 10th).We’re wondering if there are already some people who are planning to go. 2016 is the year of the monkey, and that means good fortune!

The year of the monkey is when Mt. Fuji was founded, so every twelve years, the year of the monkey is said to bring great luck, happiness and prosperity to those who climb the mountain.

To all of the people who want to climb Mt. Fuji but don’t want to climb it alone or don’t know what to expect because it’s their first time, how does a Mt. Fuji climbing tour sound?

Here at Tokyo City i, we are introducing countless new pamphlets with information on climbing tours up Mt. Fuji.

We can also help you make appropriate preparations for your trip.

What can you do on Mt. Fuji? There are countless opportunities. Whether it's a day trip, staying the night on the mountain, a drive up to Mt. Fuji’s 5th Station (Gogome), or going around the several tourist attractions near the mountain, we can help you plan it all.

Please feel free to come into Tokyo City i anytime this summer to get more information!

Also, feel free to invite any of your friends! In the past few years the number of visitors to Japan who climb Mt. Fuji has been increasing incredibly! Don’t miss your chance!