Soon it’s going to be the rainy season in Tokyo!

How do you like the weather these days in Tokyo?  Soon it's going to be the rainy season(TSUYU)in Tokyo.

Rainy season would start around first to second week of June and would last few weeks till mid July.  It's called TSUYUIRI and when it ends summer begins.

You may think where to go, what to do while this muggy and humid time.  How about special flower viewing just for this season☺

From mid June to mid July, the typical flower is Hydrangea(Ajisai)and Iris(Hanashobu).  Hydrangea and Hanashobu is one of the most popular flower viewings in Japan.  Below are some main spots known for Hydrangea in Tokyo.

■Hakusan shrine(Toei Mita line Hakusan station, 3 minutes on foot)IMG_6429

❀There will be a event called Bunkyo Ajisai Matsuri, on 11~19 June.

■Chokoku-ji(Tokyo Metro Hibiya line Iriya station, 10 minutes on foot)

❀There will be a event called IkiIki-Ajisai Matsuri, on 18 and 19 June.

■Toshimaen(Toei Oedo line Toshimaen station)

■Fuchu-shi Kyodonomorihakubutsukan(Keio line Fuchu station)

■Takahatafudoson(Keio line Takahatafudo station, 5 minutes on foot)

❀There will be a event called Ajisai Matsuri, on 1~30 June.

Hydrangea might be less known compare to Cherry Blossoms and Autumn leaves in Japan.  Though it's so pretty and refreshing especially when you see them in the rain.  So why don't you spend time for viewing Hydrangea and have a nice rainy season in Tokyo?☺

Of course our tourist information center, Tokyo City i is open for you from 8a.m to 8 p.m no matter if it rains or wind blows☺  Please come and enjoy the special displays which is going to start around June.(※The pictures are the last year's displays.)  Our lovely and clever staff would make the happy displays this year, too!!