Hidamari Kibun-EHIME STYLE

It introduces Ehime's good and great stuff!

Ehime Prefecture, where products the excellent industrial goods and traditional craft, would introduce the specialty through display, sales and workshops. 

There would be 20 business operators which are producting excellent industrial goods and traditional craft in Ehime.  

They would introduce the specialties(towel, ceramic, mizuhiki(decorative Japanese cord made from twisted paper) and traditional handmade Japanese paper) that are only Ehime can, where is nurtured by nature, history and culture.  Please check it on this occasion.


WEB: https://www.facebook.com/ehimehitodukuri

Event promoter:  Ehime prefecture

[Date and Time] 20(Sat)-26(Fri) December 2014
10:00am-8:00pm (closed at 6:00pm on the last day)

[Place] Tokyo City i in KITTE, JP Tower