Tokyo City i -Tourist & Business Information-

Directly connected with Tokyo Station from the underground passage.
We provide tourist information and travel arrangement services.

Our Service

  • Concierge desk
  • Searching tourist information
  • Tourist information on screen
  • Brochures
  • Poster
  • Open space for special events
  • cafe

Concierge desk

Multilanguage English/Chinese/Korean

Concierges provide tourist information in four different languages and give one-stop services of travel arrangements such as accommodation and tickets.

Searching tourist information

Multilanguage English/Chinese/Korean

We provide information of tourist sites, festivals and events, restaurants, and accommodation in and around Tokyo from our computer. Free Wi-Fi access is available!

Tourist information on screen

Multilanguage English/Chinese/Korean

Provides information such as weather, traffic conditions, tourist sites, and events, and shows videos introducing tourist spots in Tokyo and Japan.


Multilanguage English/Chinese/Korean

We have a wide variety of brochures about tourist sites, events, and exhibitions at museums mainly in Tokyo.


Posters introducing remarkable spots and events.

Open space for special events

We hold events concerning tourism and sightseeing in Japan. Everyone who is on a trip or planning to travel can enjoy feeling Tokyo and Japan.


Multilanguage Multilingual menu

Our cafe is just next door, a great place for a short break and meetings. Free Wi-Fi access is also available here.


  • Info. SIM card now on sale!

    We sale Japan Travel SIM at Tokyo City i !       Size : Regular SIM, Micro SIM, Nano SIMPrice: 4,000yen   (Cash only, Any return or exchange will not be accepted after the package has been opened.)Data capacity: 2GB  ※This SIM card c...

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  • Info Rainy season has started in Tokyo!!

    Rainy season has started in Tokyo.It lasts a few weeks till mid-July in Tokyo.It's called “tsuyuiri”and when it ends the summer begins.You may think where to go, what to do while this muggy and humid time.How about special flower viewing just for this season?☺☂☂☂☂☂☂☺☺☺☺☺✿✿✿✿✿☂...

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  • Info The early summer features in Tokyo

    While you visit some sightseeing spots,you may bump into"Matsuri",local festivals here and there in Tokyo now.In Japan a lot of local festivals are held from May through October.Kanda Matsuri which ranked among the three largest festivals of Japan is held from May 7 through May 15 in this y...

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EVENT at Tokyo City i

  • Coming soon Event Schedule

         ※Name and schedule of the event is subject to change without notice.2015June24(Wed)June「(tentative name) Chiba prefecture accommodation・sightseeing campaign」26(Fri)~29(Sun)June「(tentative name) Japan Trav...

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